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BulkText Messaging

Frequently Asked Quesions

Q: How many contacts can I send a text message to at one time?

A: You can send text messages to an unlimited list of contacts based on the CSV file you upload.

Q: Do the text messages go out all at once?

A: No. BulkText Messaging paces your messages so your phone operators are not overwhelmed with calls. The delay can be set from 30-3600 seconds between messages.

Q: I'm uploading an Excel file but it is not working?

A: Save your file as .CSV (Comma Separated Value) from your save options in Excel. Make sure the columns are in the right order and the phone number in the right format.

Q: I want to send a text message at a later date, can I do that?

A: Yes, choose the date and time you want to send your text messages and they will go out to your contact list based on your preference.

Q: Can I get a report of the contacts the text messages reached?

A: Yes, reporting is available depending on the level of your account and the type of messages you send.

Q: Can I customize individual messages?

A: Yes. In the .csv file, columns B through Z can contain individual bits of information associated with the cellular number in column A. These bits can be inserted into the message by placing %[column letter] anywhere in the message where that bit should go.